User Research and Design

As a UX researcher working on a Human Centered Design team, I have used my academic training and experience to examine human behavior and empathy. In my current role, I use qualitative and quantitative methods to collect, analyze, and synthesize data to craft stories that inform design, marketing, and business strategies. I collaborate with solution architects, developers, and clients to deliver high-quality deliverables and meaningful business outcomes that drive YoY growth. 

Below, I offer blinded examples of how I have presented research findings and the products that have resulted. 

Sample Findings Report

For the beta testing of a new customer portal, I conducted user interviews and summarized the findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report for the client. It provided key insights and page-specific changes and recommendations for improved customer experience.

Key Findings

Developers on our team and the client used findings and recommendations to improve various aspects of each page and identify solutions to existing challenges.


I was also a part of the two-person design team that created the portal's UX/UI. As such, the interviews helped us to understand how we could make improvements and continue with helpful practices and designs or edit less successful ones. 

High-Level User Journeys

Based on interviews, survey data, and a review of the literature, I worked with a team to ideate for a public safety app. We developed user personas and journeys to identify goals and behaviors at various times.

Close-Up User Journeys

We also used the same data to create close-up journeys maps to truly empathize with users and understand how they would use the app. This also helped us to address current pain points and how the app could provide a meaningful solution.