Teaching and Advising


In the criminology, law, and society department, I teach elective courses that I developed related to my research areas including:

  • The Etiology of Mass Violence

  • Gender and Crime

  • Origins of School Violence

In addition, I teach courses at the both the undergraduate and graduate levels that are required and electives, such as:

  • Quantitative Research Methods

  • Policy Analysis

  • Professional Seminar

  • The Criminology of Race

  • Culture and Crime


I serve as an undergraduate advisor for more than 25 students in the program, and I am the graduate director for the master's program in criminology. I have also chaired theses for graduate students who choose to conduct a research study in lieu of six elective credits:

  • August 2021. White supremacy in online spaces.

  • May 2021. Juvenile delinquency and parenting styles.

  • December 2020. Multiracial victimization.

  • May 2020. Deterrence theory and juvenile delinquency.

  • August 2018. Existential criminology and adolescent drug use.

  • May 2018. Food insecurity and criminality.