Publications and Research

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  • Daly, S. E. (2022). An Asian American woman's reflexive account of direct research with incels. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung/Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 23(3), Art. 3.

Research Projects

  • $15,000 research grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to evaluate the It's On Us grant program at colleges and universities (2019-2021)

  • Interviews and research related to involuntary celibacy and the incel community

  • COVID-19 restrictions and compliance

  • Experiences of criminology and criminal justice researchers

Book Chapters/Other Writing

  • Schildkraut, J., & Daly, S. E. (2022). Introduction to the inaugural issue of the Journal of Mass Violence Research: A note from the editors. Journal of Mass Violence Research, 1(1), 1-3.

  • Daly, S. E. (2022). Contributing author. Involuntarily celibate: How American culture contributed to the rise of incels. In E. Madfis & A. Lankford. All American Massacre: The Tragic Role of American Culture and Society in Mass Shootings. New York University Press. (Forthcoming)

  • Daly, S. E., & Painter, C. (2021). Contributing author. That's what she said: Measuring Michael Scott's self-control in NBC's The Office. In S. E. Daly (Ed.), Theories of crime through popular culture (pp. 123-144). Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Daly, S. E., & Smith, L. S. (2019). Contributing author. Legitimacy at stake: Learning about race and the criminal justice system. In J. Cooper & K. Jachimowski (Eds.), A closer look at criminal justice (pp. 3-26). Nova Publishing.

  • Daly, S. E. (2018). Contributing author. Practicing police interactions with high school students. In S. Springer, L. Moss, N. Manvizadeh, & A. Pugliese (Eds.), A school counselor's guide to small groups: Coordination, leadership, & assessment. Association for Specialists in Group Work.

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